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Completed a sale of business for a popular restaurant in Mascot

On December 12th, 2023, our Principal Herman Yeh completed a sale of business for a popular restaurant in Mascot, NSW, Australia.

In the dynamic and vibrant business landscape of Sydney, the sale of a business is a significant and intricate process that demands careful legal navigation. The expertise of our team becomes invaluable during such transactions, ensuring that the intricate details are meticulously handled and potential pitfalls are avoided.

We conducted due diligence, meticulously examined the legal and financial aspects of the business being sold. This involves scrutinizing contracts, leases, employment agreements, and other critical documents to identify potential risks and liabilities that could impact the sale. We also help clients make informed decisions provide taxation advice to help our client to reduce capital gain tax in the sale.

During the negotiation, our team also actively participates in negotiations between the buyer and seller, working to strike a balance that satisfies both parties and facilitates a mutually beneficial agreement.

We also helped our client draft and review the myriad of documents involved in a business sale, including the sales agreement, shareholders agreement, and any necessary disclosures. We provide comprehensive advice to our clients which include but are not limited to possible future disputes and unforeseen complications. We ensure that the terms and conditions are clear, comprehensive, and aligned with the interests of our clients.

Should you require advice on business sale, please contact our commercial team.

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